australia's first

certified carbon neutral fashion label

we clean up after ourselves for mother nature by being carbon neutral + australian made, having short supply chains, implementing circular fashion practices + rebelling against wasteful norms.

made ethically + locally in Naarm (melbourne, australia).


for the environment

we’ve been certified as carbon neutral through rigorous assessments + ongoing audits by the federal ‘climate active’ program. climate active is the government organisation responsible for certifying carbon neutrality in australia.

we were the first fashion label to be federally certified through the 'climate active' program (21 april 2021) + now we want other labels to join us.

circular, baby

repair program: to keep our garments out of landfill, we repair them at no cost for the life of the product. if a hole needs patching or a button needs replacing, just pay for shipping + we'll offset the carbon.

recycling club: if we can't repair your garment, we'll recycle or treat + re-use it in a recycled collection + give you a $10 store credit for being a star student. putting any academy garments in the bin will result in an after school detention.

both programs are subject to our fair use policy.

locally made + owned

we use all local Naarm (melbourne, australia) vendors which reduces the amount of shipping we do + shortens our supply chain. this helps to keep any unnecessary carbon from going into mother nature.

no seasons. no waste.

we craft timeless premium basics that last beyond just a season + we don't send any stock to landfill.

we've also designed our range to use the same or similar hand-picked fabrics across multiple garments to minimise waste. 

we keep every bit of the leftovers to use in future garments, recycle or find another use for.

for example, we use the surplus fabric from making ‘the pants’ to make ‘the (casual) short’ + put the ribbing on ‘the tee’.