refund policy

consumer guarantees

you may have certain rights under the australian consumer guarantee. our policies don’t affect or limit your rights.

repair program

to keep your garments out of landfill, we'll repair them at no charge - just pay for shipping (both to us + back to you. we'll provide you a quote when you organise the repair). we reserve the right to inspect the garment on arrival + determine if it's repairable, if we're able to facilitate the repair or if we need to decline the repair request. you may need to cooperate with reasonable requests to facilitate the repair, like sending us photos or images of the garment. if we deem your garment irreparable, we'll offer to send it back to you un-repaired or give you a $10 store credit + recycle or repurpose the materials in a future zero-waste collection.

the repair program is subject to our fair use policy + van de kamp academy's whole discretion. we reserve the right to decline to repair any garment where it doesn't impact any consumer rights you may be eligible for.

returns + exchanges

we offer no-fee returns + exchanges for australian orders (subject to our fair use policy, see terms for full details).

to do a return or exchange, you'll need to:

  • return it within 14 days of the day it was delivered or day of the first attempted delivery
  • make sure the garments are in their original condition with original accessory bags (if applicable)
  • not have worn, damaged or washed the garments
  • provide the original receipt/proof of purchase

for international orders, you may need to pay part of the return + re-delivery fees. we'll let you know the cost for your particular country when you request the return or exchange.

no-fee returns + exchanges are subject to fair, reasonable use + van de kamp academy's whole discretion. we reserve the right to decline any return or exchange where it doesn't impact any consumer rights you may be eligible for.

    damaged or lost deliveries

    if your garments are damaged or don’t show up, please let us know within a week of the expected delivery date. when you notify us, we'll open an investigation with the delivery partner + discuss your options. please note, delivery investigations need to be completed in most circumstances before we'll re-send or refund orders. 



    if your garment is faulty, we’ll provide you with a replacement, repair or refund as long as:

    • the damage is of no fault of your own (in which case you can use our repair program)
    • you tell us within a reasonable timeframe
    • if we’re required to under australian consumer law


    order changes + cancellations

    if your order has progressed too far then we may not be able to make any changes. contact us right away, a member of faculty will do their best to help.

    fair use policy

    our fair use policy exists to ensure nobody takes advantage of our offers or inclusions in an excessive, unreasonable or fraudulent way. generally, legitimate + reasonable use of our products won’t breach our fair use policy. our products are intended for personal, consumer use only + not for business or commercial use. you must not commercially resell or exploit any of our products.

    we consider excessive use of our products to be ordering more than 10 items in any given calendar month. 

    we consider excessive use of our returns policy to be returning multiple orders in any given calendar month or more than three returns in any 12 month period. we also consider returning products that have previously been ordered in the same or similar size + colour to be excessive.

    we consider excessive use of our repair program to be more than one repair in any one year period for the same product, or more than three repairs across a ten year period.

    you must not use our website, services, products or offers in a way that we consider to be unreasonable. we consider unreasonable use to be any activity that takes advantage of our website, services, products or offers, is fraudulent, commercial, malicious or in any way impacts on the availability of our websites, services, products or offers.

    if we reasonably believe that customer behaviour is unreasonable or excessive we may decline any future orders + decline to service your products where it doesn’t impede on your consumer rights.